The technology and infrastructure needed for an agile landscape.

Agility and flexibility are two key capabilities that all retail businesses should be striving for. It allows them the speed and ability to react quickly to a retail market that offers new opportunities and challenges daily. Retailers are facing a new reality and supply chains must change. Consumers are becoming more demanding, wanting goods faster and delivered as and when they choose.

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In the first eBook we looked at the business case for investment to understand why an agile and responsive supply chain is a must-have. In the second we examined the people, skills and training needed to manage a more agile and responsive supply chain.

In the final eBook in the trilogy, we examine one of the most important enablers for agility; the technology and infrastructure required. Understanding what retailers should be considering, where and how they should be investing their money, the questions they should ask and the decisions they must make. We discuss the importance of focusing on situations that will make your customer’s life easier and better, that are specific to your business rather than technology for technology’s sake.

Included in this eBook:

  • A new reality for omni-channel retailing: How technology has empowered consumers to review products, check prices and shop on the move, giving them agility in seeking value.
  • The right technology and infrastructure: From automation within the warehouse to better use of data to determine business decisions, technology is vital to remain competitive in today’s omni-channel retail world.
  • The collaborative approach: The importance of thinking as a whole supply chain and why the silo approach does not work in today’s world
  • Meeting expectations: The importance of satisfying customer expectations to avoid loosing business or worse, relevance entirely.

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