Shaping your business to take advantage of fit

In an age where retailers want to know everything about their customers – from what they do and what they like to how they shop – it seems ludicrous that they sometimes still don’t know the very basics of what their customer actually looks like, both in terms of their size and shape.

Featuring case studies on the strategies of Henri Lloyd, House of Fraser, Alexandra, Celtic & Co and Plus Size.

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How sizing up your customer can have huge operational benefits
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In this whitepaper – produced in partnership with FitsMe – we use the findings of our industry survey to dissect the subject, explaining what fit data is, where the opportunities for retailers lie, who’s leading the way and how you can introduce fit data into your business to gain a positive cross-departmental impact.

Interesting findings from our fit data research include;

  • More than half of retailers say it’s crucial to get sizing right, but more than half also don’t have customers’ measurement and body shape data
  • Nearly two-thirds of retailers use size charts to present fit data – leaving a huge opportunity to do more and more differentiation
  • Only a handful of retailers collect biometric data about their customers
  • More than 40% of retailers fail to share fit data across the business
  • Using fit data to improve trading and online merchandising is the most popular future priority for such data

Download the whitepaper here