How to recruit and train for an agile and responsive supply chain

The logistics industry offers great opportunities for career development, yet it faces many challenges in both retention and recruitment. However as we saw in the first eBook, retailers are striving to deliver an agile supply chain to compete in this fast-paced and challenging environment. The industry needs to communicate these changes and new opportunities to engage and attract new talent.

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In the second of this eBook series, produced in association with Bis Henderson Group, we look at how to recruit and train for the new agile supply chain landscape. Analysing the challenges of recruitment in the logistics industry, how skillsets have changed and the need for flexibility.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to attract new talent into the market
  • The industry challenges in recruitment and retention and how to overcome these
  • How the development of the industry has resulted in a need for digital skillsets
  • The importance of people management and development to ensure staff engagement

Contributions From:

  • Leading senior industry figures from major retailers such as Primark and John Lewis, as well as Andy Kaye, CEO of Bis Henderson Group

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