The Power of Packaging: a missed opportunity

This eDelivery white paper, in partnership with Smurfit Kappa, explores how pace-setting retailers and brands are differentiating themselves and driving customer loyalty through innovative packaging in the ecommerce space.

If you want new ideas, and a better understanding of the challenges and rewards of taking a more strategic approach to your ecommerce packaging, then this white paper is a must read.

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Ecommerce packaging is at an exciting stage of evolution. It’s about to become a lot more sophisticated, and customers ordering anything from jeans, to saucepans, to the latest smartphone will be more likely to enjoy the ‘wow factor’ when opening a parcel on their kitchen table.

The white paper considers the challenges and opportunities, gives practical advice on how to improve and get the best results, and provides detailed case studies highlighting specific wins in delivery packaging design.

It also exposes a worrying latency in the wider ecommerce market in regard to adopting best practice packaging strategies, despite an understanding that doing so would bring commercial benefits and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The document consists of four sections, with top tips at the end of each section:

  • Supply Chain Operations: Protection, delivery and returns
  • Innovation
  • Brand impact
  • Environmental sustainability

We hope that you find this white paper insightful and beneficial to your business.