Why an agile and responsive supply chain is a must-have

Agility and flexibility should be at the heart of any retail business as it strives to react quickly to change and adapts to meet new customer demands. Today’s customer demands simply can’t be met if a retailer’s supply chain isn’t nimble and agile enough to respond.

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Understanding the business case for investment

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In the first in a series of three eBooks, produced in partnership with Bis Henderson Group, we look at the business case for an agile supply chain, why it’s needed, the benefits it brings and how to implement it.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why agility is a must-have
  • The extent of the threat of the pureplays attacking traditional retail
  • How you can better and more quickly respond to changing customer demands
  • What market leaders are doing and see how you can adopt their agility into your business
  • How to use agile supply chains to trial or adopt new products or services faster
  • What agile practice is

Contributions from;

  • Warehouse automation company Knapp on why agility within the supply chain is essential
  • Leading retailer Jack Wills on how agility has enabled the retailer to offer its customers a number of services – from late cut-off times for orders to locker delivery, as well as the ability to deliver to 130 countries during last year’s Black Friday week peak

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