The 5 retail KPIs which will allow you to grow

As a smaller or high growth retailer, understanding and managing your performance is key but is no easy task. These types of business see constant change especially when on a fast growth journey. But true success ion retail relies on more than just passion and gut, monitoring performance through the analysis of KPIs is vital.

But what are the main KPIs you should be measuring? And how do they show you profitability, or let you know when you’re in danger? This whitepaper – produced in association with Brightpearl and our two sister brands, InterestingRetailing and Tamebay – aims to identify the main KPIs to keep an eye on and explores the ways in which retailers are currently keeping an eye on them.

A guide for smaller, high ambition companies
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Featuring case studies to illustrate how high growth retailers are using KPIs within their growing businesses; Pink Boutique, Woolovers, Natural Baby Shower, The Furniture Market, Clikempire and Urban Rider.

Find out what the 5 KPIs you should be monitoring for business success are, and how to add that extra level of assurance against any potential issues.

Interesting findings from our research into monitoring retail success through KPIs:

  • 55% of retailers say they either don’t share, or could do better, at regularly sharing gross margin performance throughout the business
  • 49% of retailers don’t know their stock turnover rate
  • Almost one in five retailers said they don’t adjust sales promotion activity or purchasing commitments in response to sell through rates
  • 87% of retailers say they know their average order value
  • But 36% of retailers don’t measure their units per transaction

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