Does your warehouse drive growth and value?

Please note that this event is in the past.

As the place where supply and demand meet head on, the warehouse is at the very heart of any e-commerce retail business. Although consumers don’t see what happens inside the four walls of the warehouse, they certainly do notice when it goes wrong, with few prepared to offer retailers a second chance to make a first impression.

Retailers can have the best marketing strategies, product selection and web front ends but, without the back-end technologies and processes to accurately and cost-effectively fulfil orders, they cannot achieve their growth potential – both getting it wrong or spending too much on getting it right are extremely damaging.

Join this webinar to find out how to ensure your warehouse is a driver of growth and value.

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We will present key findings and analysis of an Internet Retailing/eDelivery survey on the state of the warehouse management market and explore a number of areas in which warehouse management can make the difference between success and failure, including:

  • Delivering the customer promise 
  • Creating a platform for growth 
  • Mastering peak 
  • Data driven decision making 
  • Opening up new revenue opportunities

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Gavin Clark
Commercial Director

Gavin has been involved in over 100 warehouse management system selection processes and seen warehouses of all sizes and complexity across a wide range of business verticals, all facing similar and easily identified issues. Drawing on his experience in helping these companies to find solutions to streamline and optimise their warehouse operations, he offers a broad perspective, unique insights and best-practice recommendations from which retail operations can learn.

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