Inventory where the people are: How Hyper-Local and Micro Fulfillment are Changing the Game in Bullet-Proofing Fulfillment

Please note that this event is in the past.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced retailers around the globe to issue a new set of measures to protect warehouse workers and ensure business continuity. As a lot of countries begin to ease their lockdown restrictions, companies must start thinking out of the box in order to meet customers’ expectations and redefine their supply chain and fulfillment strategies.

Retailers who want to come out of this crisis unscathed must become hyper-local and flexible.

Join Nigel Lahiri from GreyOrange and Tim Owrid from FOR Partnership as they discuss:

  • How to implement a micro fulfillment strategy in order to offer a neighborhood friendly delivery
  • How to create a successful omnichannel strategy to allocate your resources efficiently and get a single inventory view across multiple channels
  • Which benefits retailers and their customers can get using the click and collect model in a same-day delivery world
  • The requirement for advanced automation to best optimize throughput and decrease the dependence on available labor

Nigel Lahiri has worked in the field of Supply Chain software for more than 25 years. Much of that time has been focussed on warehouse management/execution solutions and supply chain planning and optimisation.

His particular industry focus is omni-channel and ecommerce retail across Europe and the USA. He’s worked with retailers such as M&S, Lidl, Ahold, The Entertainer, Disney, Waitrose, Boots, to name a few.

Tim is a Director with the FOR Partnership a specialist supply chain and logistics consultancy.The FOR Partnership work focuses on creating the right logistics infrastructure for the future particularly ecommerce, areas of expertise include robotics, mechanisation and automation, distribution centre acquisition, design and fit out.

Prior to setting up the FOR Partnership with Ray Fowler, Tim held board and exec level positions with a number of major UK retailers and logistics companies including Marks and Spencer, Superdry, Waterstones, Entertainment UK and Woolworths.