Editorial: Why the ASA Amazon ruling shows it’s more important than ever to be crystal clear over delivery promises

Undoubtedly the most interesting story of the week when it comes to delivery has to be the Advertising Standards Authority taking Amazon to task over its one-day delivery pledge for Prime customers. In a story that broke long before the official ASA ruling was published today, the body took Amazon (more…)

Opinion: The ethics of delivery: Will online shopping be next under the green spotlight?

Retailers are facing increasing pressure from environmental lobbyists. In this piece, Andy Hill, director at Sorted, reveals how this could impact delivery and the supply chain. What do plastic bottles, drinking straws, carrier bags, and disposable coffee cups all have in common? They’ve all been used as physical examples of consumers (more…)

Opinion: How to profit from packaging: 3 ways retailers can think around the box for a better customer experience

Too often retailers ignore the potential of packaging but it’s about more than just a box, explains Konrad Kwiatkowski, marketing manager and co-founder at Packhelp. Despite what the headlines say, bricks and mortar stores still have an advantage over ecommerce when it comes to connecting with the customer. When you step (more…)