Opinion: Can crowdsourced couriers topple the delivery giants?

Delivery expectations are shifting towards precision and convenience. Crowdsourced couriers can help businesses deliver, especially small businesses, says Andrew Mukerjee, CEO, Brisqq   Businesses of all sizes have long relied on courier services for moving all manner of items. From retailers dispatching orders to customers, to businesses circulating their stock (more…)

Opinion: Why ecommerce businesses must look to free delivery innovation to win share of wallet

Free delivery is increasingly important for winning share of wallet as Mark Bigley, CEO of Secured Mail, explains.  The power is in the hands of the consumer. Busy lifestyles, combined with today’s always-on, digitally connected world, have resulted in a market where convenience is king. This is nowhere more apparent (more…)

Opinion: How to optimise supply in a new era of connected commerce

The transition from brick-and-mortar to digital is challenging, forcing organisations to rethink their supply chain strategies to facilitate sales on multiple channels. With this comes a shift in trading partner relationships, which requires brands and retailers to work more closely together to manage inventory and process orders effectively. Nick Manzo, Global (more…)