Opinion: “Direct” has road blocks – overcoming the D2C logistics challenge

D2C logistics

Johannes Panzer, head of industry solutions for ecommerce at Descartes, discusses best practices for taking on D2C logistics. Today’s modern shopping experience no longer relies upon a supplier, retailer and customer. Nespresso, for instance, has built its brand based on cutting out the middleman and selling coffee pods directly to (more…)

Opinion: SaaS, AI and machine learning – the key to effective returns management

JoAnn Martin, VP Retail Strategy at JDA Software, looks at how new technologies can solve the problems of returns management. Consumer behaviour is reshaping retail, ultimately challenging retailers to create enhanced solutions to address their increasing customer demands. Managing returns without compromising the customer experience is certainly one of these (more…)

Opinion: The cost of poor product packaging for online retailers and their customers


Joe Farrell, VP of international operations at PFS, explains the impacts of over-packaging and how they can be avoided. Damages and breakages throughout the ecommerce delivery chain, as a result of inadequate product packaging, is having a detrimental effect on retailers industry-wide. From the moment the product leaves the retailer, (more…)