Opinion: The ethics of delivery: Will online shopping be next under the green spotlight?

Retailers are facing increasing pressure from environmental lobbyists. In this piece, Andy Hill, director at Sorted, reveals how this could impact delivery and the supply chain. What do plastic bottles, drinking straws, carrier bags, and disposable coffee cups all have in common? They’ve all been used as physical examples of consumers (more…)

Opinion: How to profit from packaging: 3 ways retailers can think around the box for a better customer experience

Too often retailers ignore the potential of packaging but it’s about more than just a box, explains Konrad Kwiatkowski, marketing manager and co-founder at Packhelp. Despite what the headlines say, bricks and mortar stores still have an advantage over ecommerce when it comes to connecting with the customer. When you step (more…)

Opinion: Why there’s still room for improvement in delivery packaging

Despite the opportunities for increased profitability and better customer satisfaction retailers are still overlooking the benefits of optimising their packaging when it comes to delivery, says Isabel Rocher, head of ecommerce at DS Smith. As a whole, packaging performance in e-commerce is far from optimised: it hasn’t caught up with the rapid (more…)

Opinion: What’s the forecast – why regular planning with your 3PL is vital

Regular forecasting and planning meetings are one of the cornerstones of any successful relationship between a company and its fulfilment partner, says William Walker, sales director of Walker Logistics. For most businesses forecasting involves a degree of guesswork, but it is nevertheless an essential process – particularly when it comes (more…)

Opinion: How to minimise lost profits and maximise customer satisfaction with returns

There are huge opportunities for retailers to reduce the money they lose through returns by improving the process, says Andrew Tavener, head of marketing at Descartes. Online retailing has expanded rapidly, the growth of the Internet and advancements in delivery capabilities has seen many small businesses take advantage of this, (more…)

Opinion: High value eCommerce: the tips and tricks logistics need to champion

As demand for high-end online shopping grows, Nick Cullen, managing director, DX Express explains why the logistics industry must take responsibility for delivering a superior service. The days of using online shopping to purchase small, low-cost items are fast fading; the boom in ecommerce means that increasingly, shoppers seeking convenience are hunting deals (more…)