Opinion: Why retailers need to change how they think about their warehouses to meet delivery demand

Retailers should consider moving from warehouses to ‘awarehouses’ in order to better meet customer demand for immediate fulfilment, says Akash Gupta, CTO, GreyOrange. Recent surges in ecommerce have caused the demand for delivery immediacy to soar. With more consumers shopping online than ever before, retailers are struggling to cope with the high demands this places on their fulfilment operations, especially with the latest consumer expectations for faster delivery times. (more…)

Opinion: Why the challenge of returns during the pandemic has meant sizing is even more important to get right

The rise in online sales has caused even greater challenges around returns, making the issue of accurate sizing more urgent than ever, explains Ronen Luzon, CEO of MySize.   The seismic shift to online apparel and footwear sales triggered by the pandemic have had such a monumental impact on ecommerce that (more…)