5 key warehouse functions to automate: lessons from Ocado, Amazon and Zalando

warehouse automation

According to Capgemini, warehouse automation could potentially increase margins by 8% through higher throughput and lower fulfilment costs. The interest is certainly there from retailers, with Zalando’s logistics head recently suggesting creating an “open operating system” for automation in distribution centres along the lines of Android, allowing different systems in a warehouse (more…)

CollectPlus CEO on being a retailer ingredient, Yodel’s reputation and being “boringly consistent”


“Boringly consistent” is the phrase that Neil Ashworth, the CEO of CollectPlus and chief commercial officer of Yodel, uses when summarising how he wants customers to perceive his business. The internal catchphrase isn’t the most inspiring, admits Ashworth, but in its substance over style approach it strikes close to the heart (more…)

2019 in retail logistics and delivery: The year’s biggest trends

eDelivery looks at some of the major trends that retail logistics professionals will grapple with in 2019.   Automation, automation, automation Of those technologies generally seen as futuristic, automation already has the weight of evidence behind it. Retailers and logistics companies are already achieving demonstrable results from introducing automation both (more…)