OPINION: Does warehouse automation mean the end of the human touch?

Online order fulfilment is complex and brings inherent customer service challenges. Does that make it easier to make the case for greater automation within fulfilment centres, asks Charlie Walker, marketing director of Walker Logistics For third party logistics (3PL) services companies investment in automation has traditionally been hard to justify: the (more…)

OPINION: Making sustainability pay – why green fulfilment is good for the planet and good for business

Building sustainability into digital fulfilment commerce provides hard commercial benefits for retailers if it’s done right, says Romulus Grigoras, Cofounder and CEO at OneStock. Retailers can be forgiven for wondering how they should continue their journey to sustainability. The media is full of often conflicting advice as to the best way (more…)

OPINION: Why making delivery and returns policies clear is key to overcoming text delivery scams

Al Gerrie, founder and CEO of ZigZag explains the need for better education to prevent consumers falling victim to delivery scams. With the rise in online shopping, delivery and returns services understandably became a target for fraudsters. Seeing the news of delivery text scams making the headlines recently, it’s outrageous (more…)

Eight supply chain technology themes to dominate 2021, says Gartner

Eight supply chain technology themes will dominate in 2021, according to Gartner, who says the themes have been chosen for their transformational potential and ability to foster operational resiliency across business functions, technology, and service delivery. “This year, we’ve decided to focus on broader, overarching technology themes rather than individual (more…)