Almost four in ten consumers regularly receive parcels they forget they’ve ordered

Almost four in ten (37%) of UK adults regularly receive a parcel that they don’t remember ordering until opening it, according to a new survey by

A further 15% admit they have, at least once in the past year, received a parcel they don’t remember ordering because they did so while drunk.

Clothing (25%) and home accessories (17%) topped the drunken purchases with customers spending on average £45. Two fifths (41%) said they had found themselves ordering items they wouldn’t normally order; either because they didn’t like the items they’d ordered (37%) or had no use for the items they’d ordered (35%).

However, only 18% returned items they’d ordered while under the influence. One in five (20%) said they contacted the seller to find out why they had received the mystery item. A further 8% initially assumed the parcel was a gift from someone else.

Julian House, managing director of, said: “We’re capable of doing many things under the influence of alcohol that we don’t initially recall, but it’s interesting to hear that so many people choose to go online shopping. No doubt adverts on social media and the internet play a role in this, with ads for all sorts of items popping up wherever you look.”

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