DHL partners with DropPoint to boost charity donations through delivery

DHL is working with DropPoint to make it easier to donate to charity. DropPoint is a non-profit platform which aims to help move the donation process to a digitally-based solution. On its website, potential donors can access a curated list of over 100 registered charities whose beneficiaries are directly supported by donations in-kind sent through DropPoint.

They can search through thousands of item requests and find the matching charity causes in need of their donations, better matching donations to those charities that most need them.

DHL will collect donation parcels and bags from customers’ homes. The service also suits those registered charitable organisations DropPoint works with to send items such as laptops and other smart devices to children of school age whose parents can’t afford them.

Parcels can already be sent through CollectPlus, but now donors can arrange online a day and time for the DHL courier to collect their donation parcels without leaving home. Donors are also able to track their donation and check if it was successfully delivered to the charity by using the tracking order number they receive by email.

Those who want to donate their reusable items can start their donation journey online at where they can search the items they want to donate or browse through the item categories and charity profiles.

Image credits:
  • DropPoint