Amazon’s Pegasus Drive robots come to Europe as it plans three new Spanish DCs

Pegasus Drive

Amazon has announced plans for three new logistics centres in Spain, adding over 30,000 square metres to its footprint in the country and bringing its latest robotics technology Pegasus Drive to Europe.

The online retailer is opening the new centres in the cities of Barcelona and Pontevedra as well as the region of Asturias.

The company’s seventh Barcelona centre will have over 28,000 square metres and will add 230 permanent employees over the next three years.

The site will make use of Amazon’s Pegasus Drive robotics technology, where robots move within a field managing and directing individual packages rather than large storage shelves.

Amazon has also announced it plans to launch two new distribution centres in Pontevedra and Asturias. The former will have 4000 square metres and more than 30 employees with an additional 30 delivery drivers being hired by independent delivery companies. The latter will be 3000 square metres and have more than 15 jobs.

Dennis Oates, director of distribution centres in the US, said: “We are very excited to see that our centres are increasingly sophisticated as Amazon Robotics technology evolves.

“Thanks to these advances we are helping our employees to train for new and interesting jobs, as head of processes in the field of robots or flow control specialist and support them by adapting their skills.

“We work tirelessly for both our clients and our partners in order to offer them the best possible experience through innovation and continuous investment, while creating permanent jobs.”

John Tagawa, VP of Amazon Logistics in Europe, said the two sites would see the company’s “more than 20 years of operating experience, technological advances and investment add capacity and flexibility to our delivery network, allowing faster delivery than ever. for customers.”