Royal Mail launches earlier delivery time notifications

Royal Mail

Royal Mail will now provide notifications to customers telling them when to expect deliveries the day before they come.

The notification will be able to provide a delivery window of two hours, down from the previously offered four-hour windows.

Royal Mail said competitor networks were only able to predict delivery times on the day of the delivery itself.

The company said in a statement: “Notifying customers of their expected delivery time the day before we deliver is just one of the ways we are helping to make our customers’ lives easier.

“Coupled with a shorter estimated delivery time of as little as two hours creates a step change in convenience for online shoppers. Our posting customers also benefit from increased repeat orders from happy online shoppers.

“This latest innovation is part of our major investment in changes that increase convenience for our customers and their recipients.”

The postal service recently announced it would trial using electronic tricycles for deliveries in order to cut pollution. The vehicles are powered by a combination of pedal, solar, battery and brake technology. The company also currently has a fleet of 100 electric vans, which it plans to expand in the future.

In December Royal Mail partnered with the University of Warwick to offer a new training programme for staff.

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One thought on “Royal Mail launches earlier delivery time notifications

  1. Kevan Cousins said:

    RM managers really are a bunch of box tickers!
    Great to have improvements for customers but this seems difficult to put into practice as I see quite a few missorted items coming into my office(too late to get item to correct delivery office to be delivered same day).
    Also with a lot of posties delivering on foot, they cannot re route their rounds to meet timed deliveries without financial investment by RM and recent history would suggest a continuation of cuts in last mile spend and a reluctance to acknowledge how much longer the job takes with less letters but more parcels requiring scanning.
    kc 34 years service

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