French more likely to choose convenience stores for delivery

French shoppers are more likely than their international counterparts to have goods delivered to convenience stores, according to a new report from the Royal Mail.

The study showed that for the French their home address tops the list as the preferred place for deliveries, whilst just over a third (34%)  of French customers have their goods delivered to a parcel shop. The study showed however that a greater proportion are likely to want deliveries made to convenience stores (17%) than the average international shopper (5%).

The research showed that one in four online shoppers in France have purchased from a UK site in the last three months, spending an average of €57 (£50) per month.

A hunger for British brands (72%), quality of produce (76%) and unique British character (83%) helped to win British customers.

When it comes to products, the top three most popular categories for French shoppers are clothes (37%), books (24%) and footwear (23%).

Image credit: Fotolia