Collaboration between bricks and clicks to drive Xmas footfall

Footfall on the high street in the run-up to Christmas is being driven by greater collaboration between pureplay and bricks and mortar retailers inspiring customers to spend in stores they wouldn’t have normally, according to Doddle.

The click and collect company has expanded its network by more than 300% since the last quarter and now has more 370 locations. Of these the majority are concessions, hosted within Morrisons supermarkets, Debenhams department stores and Cancer Research UK charity shops.

The company’s data suggests that between 25-40% of customers visiting Doddle concessions are new customers to the host retailer and in some locations as many as 80% of customers collecting or returning go on to make additional purchases in-store.

Tim Robinson, Doddle CEO, said: “UK retailers are becoming far more collaborative and open to partnerships that create better experiences for customers, even if it means sharing those customers.”

“Our prediction is that 2018 will be the year we see some major strategic partnerships between pureplays and traditional bricks and mortar retailers resulting in a win-win result that drives both sales and footfall,” he said.

Image credit: Doddle

One thought on “Collaboration between bricks and clicks to drive Xmas footfall

  1. I agree, it’s about combining available resources to improve the customer experience, whilst also driving footfall and revenue for local high streets and brick & mortar. However, at Parcelly we believe in first of all giving back choice, convenience and control to consumers, rather than simply ‘sharing retail customers’. 2018 can hardly be the first year of strategic partnerships between pureplays and traditional brick & mortar retailers. In fact, this revolution already started back in 2014, when Parcelly launched its industry first click&collect model, converting redundant space in local businesses through mobile technology into carrier and retailer agnostic parcel storage capacity. With today more than 1500+ locations in 50 UK cities, fuelled through strategic partnerships with high street retail groups and charities such as Costcutter, Booker and Barnardo’s, Parcelly has started a movement that can only get bigger in 2018.

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