Royal Mail to open 10 temporary parcel sort centres for Christmas rush

Royal Mail has revealed it is to open 10 temporary parcel sort centres in order to deal with the Christmas peak. It will be the fourth year of operation for the centres which sort a significant proportion of the parcels Royal Mail handles during the peak trading period.

The centres are located in Bathgate in West Lothian, Leeds, Middleton in Greater Manchester, Llantrisant in South Wales, Swindon, Greenford, Peterborough, Wolverhampton and Milton Keynes and will open on a phased basis from this Friday, 3 November. They will be supplemented by an international parcel sort centre based in Heathrow.

Around 4,000 seasonal workers will be recruited for the 10 parcel sort centres, part of the 19,000 additional staff the company has already announced.

Image credit: Royal Mail