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Editorial: From catwalk to couch – a dangerous new precedent?

We all know fashion shoppers often have an “I want it now” attitude to getting the looks from the catwalk into their hands as soon as possible but Amazon’s one hour delivery from catwalk to consumer took the idea to new heights this week.

Whilst it’s not clear how many customers actually may have used the service – which allowed London-based Amazon Prime Now customers to order and receive goods within 60 minutes – it is yet another illustration of customer urgency and retailers’ desires to meet those urgent customer needs as soon as they can. For giants like Amazon it’s a great headline-creating move. For other retailers it’s a nerve-wracking new precedent.

Such demand is backed by new research this week that shows how same day and next day deliveries are continuing to become a must-have for an increasing number of customers. For those retailers looking for speed a new mini-warehousing service from Parcelly and Quiqup that will allow one-hour delivery, and a service that more closely matches that of Amazon Prime, could be of interest. The service is already in use by retailer No Ordinary Suit.

Homewares retailer Habitat has launched a click and collect service that now allows customers to pick up their small item orders (from a choice of more than 3,000) from DPD Pickup sites including Sainsbury’s and Habitat stores as the retailer looks to extend its convenient delivery reach for its customers.

With only just over two weeks until the 2017 eDelivery conference, held alongside the InternetRetailing Conference we bring you an interview with Kieron Smith, digital director at Blackwell’s for his insight around loyalty and retention. He’s just one of a number of top speakers at the event so make sure you have registered for your pass.

And finally we have news of UPS adding to its alternative fuel vehicle fleet with a new electric truck from Daimler, the latest solution for inner-city distribution.


One thought on “Editorial: From catwalk to couch – a dangerous new precedent?

  1. Dale Fletcher said:

    Its very easy as a small retailer to read all such articles and feel the retail environment is getting beyond our means. Its only when touching one of the many organisations discussed from delivery companies to large retailers that it becomes clear that while there is a great deal of elaborate thinking, their ability to actually deliver on promises and provide the basics of good retail service is hit and miss at best and often sadly lacking. Even the mightily Amazon, which to this point has defined its own market operations, is only now starting to choose to fit into a more established retailer mould in bricks and mortar. This will be interesting, but as it pushed into well established occupied territory when progress will undoubtedly slow, the consumer is becoming increasingly aware of how it really operates, which is effectively undermining the societies in which it operates. I’m not sure this is going to end well for Amazon. Shame.

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