Opinion: Is in-car delivery set to be the next big thing or just another option?

Finding the perfect delivery option that works is tough and businesses are trying everything – not least deliveries to car boots.

In Switzerland, online retailer is now delivering directly to the boot of parked vehicles through a partnership with Swiss Post. The retailer is already a pioneer in delivery methods having been the first online retailer to test the use of automatic safe-deposit boxes as Swiss railway stations in 2012.

Using a digital key developed by Volvo, Swiss Post’s parcel carriers are able to temporarily access the vehicle’s boot to deliver items from Once they have done that the customer receives notification of delivery and the digital key expires. The new delivery method is now available in Zurich, Bern, Geneva and Lausanne and launched commercially in Sweden at the end of 2015.

Back in the UK in-car delivery is also developing fast. Jaguar Land Rover’s mobility and venture arm InMotion is working with startup toBoot on delivery to car boot. The concept was initially tested in 2016 with a small-scale feasibility trial that involved deliveries from John Lewis to Jaguar Land Rover staff. A further trial with additional customers is planned for later this year.

In this instance the courier receives a GPS location of the vehicle, the registration number and one-time access code for the boot. Customers receive real-time updates to their mobile phone and once the car is securely locked a photo notification to confirm.

John Vary, innovation manager at John Lewis, said earlier this year that to car boot deliveries were hugely attractive. “We’re excited by how new technologies can help us create new, convenient options for our customers, so when Jaguar Land Rover approached us about this idea we were excited to work with them to test the concept. Having deliveries made to your car boot has the potential to be a major breakthrough,” he said.

These are just two of the to-car boot delivery developments going on now. What do you think of their potential for the future? It’s a subject we’ve already asked your views on before and but what about developments since? Do let us know your views.

Image credit: Jaguar Land Rover and Swiss Post

One thought on “Opinion: Is in-car delivery set to be the next big thing or just another option?

  1. Tristan Carter said:

    I think its a neat idea, and something new – not heard of it since this article.

    However, many people just wont trust it, and whenever I look in peoples boots they are full of stuff (speaking from experience – with two kids then my boot has a whole array of things that I really should take inside), so they better hope the boot is big enough and clear enough to take the package! Many of the cars may also be parked in company owned car parks so access to these is required, and you may have vehicle access issues for things such as underground car parks (my gut feel is that this will be more popular in cities than rural areas). There is also the obvious one of packages being left in an estate car or SUV that are visible to potential thieves.

    Also, looking at the initial partners – JLR and Volvo, then they are premium manufacturers; If I have an XF or an XC60 then chances are I’m probably busy, doing OK, want to do better and this would really suit me, so I can see how it would work for a certain demographic.

    In reality it will represent another good edition to an ever increasing mix of possible options; so strategically the more options then the better the OTIF rates for the carriers and thus better service for customers.

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