Taming the Black Friday beast: whitepaper from Electio

Shoppers’ experiences and expectations of Black Friday need to start shaping the way retailers and carriers prepare and plan for the end-of-year super-peak. That’s the advice given by delivery management software company Electio.

In a whitepaper entitled Are We Taming the Black Friday Beast, the Manchester-based firm surveyed the opinions of 2,000 shoppers, and analysed the how some of the industry’s key players fared in the 2015 peak.

Will retailers and carriers be able to cope with the wide spread of demands of shoppers of all ages; be that baby boomers, or millennials? Will retailers actually just throw in the towel and walk away from Black Friday, as Asda did last year? Will the shift from in-store to online shopping for Black Friday establish itself as a growing trend in the UK, and how should retailers regard that shift?

These points, and more, are considered in full in the whitepaper, but here is a short overview of some of its content.

On a scale of one to 10, what delivery options are regarded the most important?



The waiting game … mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most impatient of all?


When push comes to shove, who really wants to hit the shops on Black Friday?



The whitepaper also looks at returns, common causes of complaint with delivery services, and the importance of working with your data.

You can download a copy here.




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