UK etailers under-promised and over-delivered at Christmas

Figures from the latest Christmas Shipping study from Kurt Salmon, part of Accenture Strategy, suggest that UK etailers under-promised and over-delivered this Christmas. The study measured the ability of 50 UK apparel, luxury, beauty and consumer goods retailers across a broad range of categories, including bricks-and-mortar, ecommerce and department stores, (more…)

Opinion: Can crowdsourced couriers topple the delivery giants?

Delivery expectations are shifting towards precision and convenience. Crowdsourced couriers can help businesses deliver, especially small businesses, says Andrew Mukerjee, CEO, Brisqq   Businesses of all sizes have long relied on courier services for moving all manner of items. From retailers dispatching orders to customers, to businesses circulating their stock (more…)

Case study: How Farmdrop raised delivery efficiency and cut costs with smartphone scanning

Farmdrop is a UK-based online grocery marketplace that connects consumers with local small-to-mid-sized farmers and producers. The company operates two delivery hubs that enable rapid fulfilment of customer orders with fresh goods. Farmdrop customers browse a web catalogue and electronically place orders for grocery and fresh produce items. The orders (more…)